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HNST Ushers In an Era for Trendy Sustainable Denim

What if consumers had a way to close the loop with their used denim? That’s an eco-friendly offering HNST wants to provide to consumers so their discarded jeans don’t end up in landfills.

Created by Tom Duhoux, the Belgium-based denim label’s roots involve a 2017 collection campaign, where consumers were able to drop off their unworn or old jeans at more than 80 collecting points in Flanders, Belgium. Following the collection of 6,000 pairs of old jeans from the program, HNST launched its first collection in March made from 56 percent recycled denim.

Every pair of HNST denim has a sustainable component. To start, recycled jean fibers are mixed with TENCEL™ Lyocell, made back into a yarn in Flanders and then incorporated to weave HNST’s sustainable denim fabric, and blended with Greek cotton. Fabric for denim pockets were created with yarn made from recycled white T-shirts and blended with TENCEL™ Lyocell while buttons and embroidered rivets were also incorporated in HNST jeans, making the jean recyclable again.

Creating trendy denim that’s more circular is not the only end goal for HNST. At a time where the denim industry keeps innovating to close the loop, consumers now more than ever need to be part of the greater sustainability story. By revolutionizing denim materials, HNST aims to demonstrate the possibility to reduce the denim industry’s carbon footprint and encourage consumers to make more eco-conscious purchases.

Carved in Blue caught up with Tom Duhoux to discuss HNST’s journey, why a circular model is a good fit for the denim industry and how consumers’ wardrobe choices come into play as a catalyst for change.

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