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Hollister Goes Social to Inform Teens About Invista CoolMax

Hollister Co. is beefing up its collections to include a new performance line.

The company debuted the athleisure designs Friday, featuring Invista CoolMax All Season technology and Lycra fiber. The Advanced Stretch Jeans collection is designed to keep moisture away from the body including sweat that could happen on hot or cold days.

“At Hollister, denim is a part of our DNA and we continue to find ways to enhance the assortment. Our goal with the innovative CoolMax All Season technology is to provide products that fit the needs of our customer’s on-the-go lifestyle,” said Kristin Scott, Hollister Co. brand president.

In addition to the launch of the performance line, the retailer is teaming up with Invista for a social media campaign to display the benefit of wearing the new jeans. Videos featuring YouTube star Zach King are a part of the campaign. Teen social media influencers will be a part of the campaign. A special hashtag #HollisterCOOLMAX is also a part of the promotion.

“We believe pairing one of the hottest teen denim brands and with one of the coolest fabric technologies available on the market today will resonate with consumers,” said Dave Trerotola, president of Invista Apparel and Advanced Textiles. “Our research shows that among ingredient brands in the cooling space, the CoolMax brand is the most likely to positively influence purchase intent.”