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What’s Hot in Denim at WWDMAGIC and Project Las Vegas

With the Spring ’18 buying season in full swing, get to know the trends and brands on the up and up. From white hot denim to vintage styling, Kelly Helfman, vice president of WWDMAGIC and Project Women’s, reveals what to expect from denim brands exhibiting at the Las Vegas trade shows, Aug. 14-16.

RIVET: What’s the status of denim for Spring ’18?
Helfman: Denim made a huge comeback this past year and is here to stay. Consumers love their American classic brands, but also want to have more limited pieces, so consumers shopping more indie denim brands will continue to happen. Heritage denim brands and throwback labels are also going to continue to be relevant, as more celebrity collaborations strengthen that market (i.e. Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger).

RIVET: What’s the status of vintage, rigid and re-done denim for women?
Helfman: Vintage and hacked denim is going to continue to be strong for 2018. Girls are still searching high and low for their perfect pair of used high-waisted, ‘wedgie’ fit Levi’s. Culturally, everyone wants reinvention and something different—even in their jeans.

RIVET: What do you see trending in terms of washes and colors for denim for Spring ’18?
Helfman: Light and white. A pair of jeans with more than one color will happen through patchwork and reconstructing.

RIVET: Are there other denim items trending in the market?
Helfman: Overalls, overall, overalls. With the ’90s trend still in full effect, overalls are making a huge comeback. Workwear denim one-piece suits are ones to watch as well.

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RIVET: How are brands adding personality to their denim?
Helfman: Deconstructed/ripped denim, denim on denim patchwork, personalization and monogramming is going to be even more relevant. Exposed zippers are another hacked denim trend that will be all over in 2018.

RIVET: What are some key cuts for denim for Spring ’18?
Helfman: Extra wide! Also, classic cuts for both men and women. Cropped jeans for ladies to allow for a sexy shoe or heel.

RIVET: What are some new brands or brands to watch in the men’s and women’s denim market?
Helfman: Evidnt and Pistola in women’s are great quality, young contemporary denim brands that are also affordable. Retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom are already obsessed with them. Both brands are located in WWDMAGIC.

RIVET: How will denim be represented at Project and The Tents?
Helfman: In Vegas, we will continue to merchandise our denim brands throughout the show floor where they belong according to price point, category, men’s, women’s… This makes it easy for buyers to know where to shop. You will see denim trends in our live model presentations at Mandalay Bay Convention Center happening at Project and The Tents. There will also be many denim looks represented in the Spring 2018 Fashion Snoops Trend display on the Concourse in WWDMAGIC.