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Ace Rivington Founder Beau Lawrence on Kickstarter, Marketing & Denim

And his long-standing fashion ties have helped his company blossom.

He has a good relationship with the head buyer of Fred Segal, and his products have been sold at the L.A. boutique.

Although it all started with a sweater, he added a full denim collection to the line in November 2014.

“It’s definitely my favorite product category,” said Lawrence of denim. “I live eat and breathe denim pretty much, and I think one of the most interesting things about denim as a product category in today’s world is the way it defines the attitude and character of the person wearing it. It’s not a suit and tie world anymore.”

“I’ve put my career’s worth of denim design and development into our product,” he added. “I work with my favorite mill in the entire mill. Candiani from Italy. I was the first brand in North America to use Candiani’s special signature riveto de oro branding. It’s a gold rivet that helps brand the fabric.”

As the founder, he’s involved in every step of the denim process.


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“We import our fabric form Italy, and we make and wash our jeans in L.A.,” Lawrence said. “This gives me a chance to be close to the product and to help support the los angels denim industry.”

He has plans to start selling his products in Japan this year. He’ll be launching a 500 Day Wear (Lawrence once went 500 days without washing his jeans. He says he knew he had taken it too far when his wife wouldn’t let him in the house anymore) denim project as a fall 2016 capsule.

And to think that it all of this started from a small, reassuring swatch of fabric.

“One of the most important points is for everyone to understand that all of this started from a dream,” he said. “And I’ve just been strategic about the steps that I’ve taken to make it happen. The potential is out there for everyone to find your own product or service or dream.”