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How Invista Met the Market’s Demand for Comfort in 2015

In 2015, comfort and athleisure were key concepts for companies looking to succeed in the denim market. Invista kept up with the consumers’ desire for comfortable denim with the new materials they developed this past year.

In January, Invista and Lenzing rolled out Coolmax fabric with Tencel, a blended specialty fiber that has quickly become a new standard for premium denim according to some in the industry. Invista’s newest development, Lycra Hybrid, specifically targets the active denim market with a fabric that combines the look and performance of a woven with the comfort and flexibility of a knit. Rivet spoke with Jean Hegedus, Invista global segment director of denim, about this past year and plans for 2016.

Rivet: Were there any unexpected trends in business?
Hegedus: Not really unexpected but exchange rates are definitely having an impact on both retail businesses in some regions as well as fabric and garment sourcing patterns.

Rivet: What is Invista’s big story in terms of product for the coming year?
Hegedus: We’ll continue to roll out the Lycra Hybrid technology and we’ll have some new developments later in theie year that we can’t unvl yet––check our B2B site to be the first to know.

Rivet: What’s your prediction for next year’s buying atmosphere?
Hegedus: The denim market has been showing some signs of rebounding so we’re optimistic that 2016 will be a year of transition to improved profitability for the industry.

Rivet: What’s the company’s New Year’s resolution?
Hegedus: To continue to bring consumer-relevant innovations to market, creating value for our customers, whether they be a mill, a brand or a retailer.