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How Yoga Jeans is Reaping the Benefits From the Athleisure Trend

Canadian denim brand Yoga Jeans has been experiencing increased success with the rise of the athleisure trend.

The brand was started back in 2005, before the jegging trend took off, and now the company has experienced a rise in interest as retailers are already hooked on the idea of stretch denim.

Yoga Jeans offers a wide variety of cuts and washes, but the jeans are meant to be a go-to basic rather than a statement item. However, popular styles reflect trends across the industry with straight leg and crop flare styles recently performing especially strongly. The key to the pants’ comfort is in the diagonal stretch, which embraces the curves and allows for unrestrained movement.

In addition to athleisure, the brand keys into another denim industry trend with its sustainable practices. Yoga Jeans owns its own production in Quebec and is committed to water conservation: the company purifies water before it is returned to the system and also does ozone washes to conserve water.