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New Video Documents Denim’s Wasteful Practices

A new video by Huffington Post documents the wasteful practices involved with the production of cheap jeans in China and India.

Footage from “The Life of Jeans,” shows denim being produced in India and China with text describing unsustainable practices, including the use of toxic chemicals and the waste of natural resources.

The video depicts the shift in denim production during the last century as jeans went from being produced in the U.S. to being produced in Asia for cheap and with less regulation.

“Some of the ideas in the video are controversial, but jeans don’t just magically appear in stores. They have to be made somewhere,” said Paul Josephson, Huffington Post associate video producer.

The film is part of Huffington Post’s “Rise” series intended to help viewers make ethical sound purchases and to buy smart.

“Waste is such a pervasive issue today and people aren’t aware of it,” Josephson said.

View the full video here.