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Imatex: Italian Passion and Innovation

From food to motorcycles, any Italian manufacturer will tell you quality products begin with quality ingredients. The same can be true with Made in Italy denim by Imatex.

Since 1923, the Annunzi family has prepared warps for weaving their fabrics with old handlooms. In 1990, the family formally founded Imatex based on the desire to develop innovative technologies and products that appeal across international markets. The mill launched with the first 25 shuttle-less looms.

“From the beginning, the family’s goal was to offer and ensure the highest quality fabrics through multiple quality controls measures,” said Fabrizio Annunzi, Imatex chief executive officer. “We have always chosen the best raw materials in the world.”

To date, Imatex’s customers include Massimo Dutti, Hugo Boss, Topshop, Zegna, Nudie Jeans, Max Mara, Versace and Cucinelli. Imatex has gained a loyal following by offering clients personalized and continuous research, as well as exclusive fabrics.

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