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Introducing ‘No Fade’ Lenzing Modal Black

What does the future hold for black denim?

At Kingpins Amsterdam (Oct. 26-27), Lenzing will introduce Future Black, a capsule collection that showcases Lenzing Modal Black, the fiber manufacturer’s solution for black denim that never fades.

Lenzing Modal Black is a spun-dyed fiber that incorporates the pigment during the extrusion production process, meaning the dye is permanently fixed into the fiber structure. Even after 50-plus washes, there is no sign of fading.

“Due to the large and growing consumer demand for black jeans which retain their color, we’ve worked with the global supply chain to develop fabrics using Lenzing Modal Black,” said Michael Kininmonth, Lenzing project manager.

Lenzing Modal Black can be used on its own or blended with other fibers to create a variety of effects.

The collection is also the newest example of Lenzing’s commitment to sustainability. Compared to conventional dyeing, Lenzing Modal Black uses only 20 percent of the pigment typically required with spun-dye fiber.

Lenzing research has shown that fabric made with Lenzing Modal Black fiber uses 50 percent less energy, has a reduced carbon footprint by 60 percent, and requires only half of the water typically used in production compared to conventionally dyed fabrics.