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Invista to Sponsor Kingpins’ 2017 China City Tour

Kingpins and Invista are bringing their longtime partnership to China.

The fiber producer has signed on to sponsor Kingpins’ China City Tour in 2017 set to take place Sept. 18, 20 and 22 with stops in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Xiamen.

The China City Tour debuted last September with a 3-show, 5-day circuit, which began in Guangzhou and wrapped up in Zhengzhou. The tour saw more than 220 companies and welcomes more than 600 buyers.

Kingpins says the 2017 tour will feature a “significantly expanded exhibitor roster, more segments of the denim supply chain and added amenities, education and trend inspiration.”

“We are pleased to have our good friends at Invista join us as our sponsor,” said Vivian Wang, managing director of Kingpins Show Asia and global sales manager. “Their support means a lot to us and is a great affirmation of the validity and potential of our China City Tour.”

Kingpins, which was forced to cancel its Miami show this month, is focused on enhancing its established properties. This week the show announced that Target has signed to sponsor its ongoing seminar series, Kingpins Transformers, in Amsterdam on April 20.