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Isko Announces Third Edition of I-Skool

Isko announced the third edition of the mill’s I-Skool denim design contest. I-Skool will again partner with Avery Dennison RBIS, Mavi and Archroma, as well as launch a partnership with Vogue Talents.

For the first time, Vogue Talents, a branch of Italian Vogue, will serve on the Denim Design Jury and award a Special Mention to one of the shortlisted design competitors.

The contest is centered around three categories that are dictated by current trends: Renovated Denim Icons, Athleisure and Jool. Renovated Denim Icons involves studying denim history to create an original denim icon; Athleisure will feature garments made from Isko’s activewear fabrics; and Jool, a mix of denim and wool, lends itself to haute couture applications.

The goal of the competition is to engage and educate fashion and marketing students while granting them the opportunity to work with top industry players and providing them with exclusive knowledge.

Marco Lucietti, global marketing director of Sanko/Isko division, said, “Updated moods and new prestigious partnerships with fashion giants like Vogue Talents: these are just the first glimpses of the third edition of Isko I-Skool.” He added, “The best is yet to come: we will surprise you with the most global edition ever.”