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Isko: A Key Ingredient at Pitti Uomo

Isko has been paving a new way for denim mills in the industry, asserting its importance as an ingredient brand in the same way Gore-Tex has become a known name in outerwear and footwear. The mill has switched its strategy to supporting brand partners at consumer shows like Coterie and Project rather than dedicating its time to traditional fabric shows.

Isko’s latest move was attending men’s fashion event Pitti Uomo (June 14-17) in Florence to exhibit new denim concepts alongside designs for the I-Skool contest. Rivet spoke with Marco Lucietti, Isko global marketing director, about the mill’s experience at the event.

RIVET:Describe the reception of Isko and I-Skool at Pitti Uomo.
Lucietti: It was very well received. Clients and attendees understood our position as an ingredient brand. One of the key recipes to reach the future is about talking to a new generation and also what we achieve with I-Skool with educating with key ingredients and new innovations.

RIVET: What type of feedback did you receive from attendees?
Lucietti: Feedback was positive. Attendees understood you need great ingredients and a value chain approach. This starts with cotton and goes all the way to the store, and this is what we try and explain with our thought leadership approach.

RIVET: What type of visitors did you meet with?
Lucietti: Being an activation directed towards the industry as a whole we did receive interest from all players in the value chain. What is important is that our clients understood that we are there to support and add value to their innovation and not to overlap with their branding solutions.

RIVET: You hosted a seminar “The Future of Denim.” Isko has been active with education and seminars. Why is it important for Isko to be leading these conversations?
Lucietti: It is important as there is little knowledge and lots of interest in understanding where our market is headed. Currently sustainability is a big topic, and it is important we take responsibility to inform and lead these discussions in our industry.

RIVET: Does the mill have plans to extend its presence at more ready-to-wear shows in the future?
Lucietti: Yes, this is an approach we are evaluating, and we see this is being welcomed so most likely the answer is yes.