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Isko Premieres Denim Sport Fabrics

Isko, a brand of Sanko Tekstil, introduced Isko Arquas, a new platform featuring denim sports apparel fabrics, at an event at the Technogym flagship store in New York City on Nov. 10.

The collection spans categories for uses from dance and yoga, to commuter biking, to outdoor and weekend activities. Isko Arquas features fabrics with functional qualities including antibacterial, thermoregulatory, waterproof, UV protected, reflective and smell reduction. Marco Lucietti, global marketing director of Isko, explained that the garments are not so much transitional pieces, as clothing designed for all-day comfort.


Lucietti said the purpose of the new collection is to make performance look more like fashion, and fashion look more like performance. Isko has already worked with brands to create denim lines that allow for increased movement, including Replay’s Hyperflex line and Diesel’s Jogg jeans. Lucietti also anticipates that Isko Arquas will collaborate with activewear brands on more stylish sport products.

“Venturing into the high-performance sports apparel market was a natural progression for Isko,” said Lucietti in a release. “We are always looking to the future, creating denim at the forefront of technology and style, and are thrilled to introduce denim as a key player in athleisure.”

The fabrics will be available starting Spring 2016.