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Isko I-Skool Turns to Facebook to Narrow Down Contestants

Isko I-Skool, a competition created by Isko and Creative Room to foster young talent in the design world, named Ana Maria Sierra from Medellín, Colombia, the winner of its Denim Design Digital Shortlist competition.

Sierra, a student from Colegiatura Colombiana, focused on deconstructed outerwear and bottoms, altering the focal points of each garments.

The program called for Facebook users to narrow down the number of I-Skool contestants to 15 by selecting their favorite denim concept. Over 18,000 Facebook users voted.

The creative theme for the competition’s fourth edition is Genderful, a concept that celebrates inclusion in gender categories and the modern consumer. Contestants were asked to design one outfit for two different creative directions from a season of their choosing. The two creative directions were from unisex to multisex, and identity beyond gender.

“Genderful will be a must-have topic for the future: we believe in cross-fertilization as a way to anticipate trends and revolutionize style and fashion,” said Marco Lucietti, global marketing director at Sanko/Isko division.

“We are excited to give shape once again to the future of fashion, thanks to the outstanding talent of the students involved,” Lucietti said.