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Jack & Jones Finds Sustainable Alternatives to Pumice Stones and PP Spray for Denim

The Low Impact Denim Collection Jack & Jones is set to launch in August is backed by a technology that eliminates the use of controversial substances.

The Bestseller brand partnered with German-based chemical specialists CHT Group to create the vintage-looking denim collection without the use of pumice stones, potassium permanganate bleaches and chlorine bleaches, and the products used for their neutralization.

Jack & Jones replaced the chemicals with CHT Group’s suite of organIQ products, including organIQ Bleach which can be applied as a spray mist. The system guarantees a modern and efficient application at the highest ecological level, CHT Group said.

The lower water consumption and minimum effluent load products are proving beneficial to both manufacturers and the environment. And what’s more, treatments at room temperature reduce the energy input.

“We are very proud that our organIQ products contributed to this great idea and strong collection,” said Thomas Aplas, CHT Group head of the technical service jeans and garment. “We are fond of such partnerships with innovative companies which have the same visions as we do. The energy and water savings in jeans washing speak for themselves just like the strong effects that are achieved with our environmentally friendly organIQ technology.”

Jack & Jones’ Low Impact Denim Collection is the brand’s most sustainable denim yet. The denim’s ecological component is based on fiber composition, fabric dyeing and finishing processes.

Low Impact Denim is made from one or more eco-friendly fibers including organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester and botanic fibers like lyocell. The brand uses Orta’s Indigo Flow dyeing process, which uses up to 55 percent less water than the regular indigo dyeing techniques, yet achieves the same rich look.

Jack & Jones also employs Jeanologia’s Environmental Impact Measuring software to ensure the brand is achieving the lowest impact wash for its Low Impact jeans.