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Denham and Grivec Bros. Just Launched an Ultra-Exclusive Selvedge Denim Line

Two Dutch brands known for their passion for selvedge denim and craftsmanship have teamed up for a collection that speaks to quality and enduring design.

Premium denim labels Denham and Grivec Brothers have come together to launch a limited-edition collection of selvedge jeans made in Chevremont, The Netherlands. Together, they honor denim’s craftsmanship with a collection of 14-ounce selvedge Candiani fabric woven on traditional 1960s 80cm-wide shuttle looms. The collection consists of just 200 pairs of handmade jeans, each of which is numbered.

This is not the first time the pair have worked together. In 2009, Grivec Brothers founders Roger and Marcel Grivec studied under Denham founder Jason Denham, who also gifted them a lock-stitch industrial sewing machine. Since then, the brand has scaled while remaining true to its origins.

“This is a great project that started more than a decade ago when I gave the twins their first sewing lessons and donated their first sewing machine,” Denham told Rivet. “The brothers have since gone on to build a full atelier and create their own line.”

Dutch denim brands Denham and Grivec Brothers collaborated on a limited-edition collection of selvedge jeans focused on craftsmanship.
Denham x Grivec Brothers Courtesy

With felled seams, chain stitch hems, in-set belt loops and a special four-year “wear calendar” featured on the left of the pocket lining, Denham and Grivec Brothers’ jeans are a denim head’s dream. The brands emphasize that the collection is “not a fast fashion product,” noting that it took three months to produce the collection. For context, the brands note that fast fashion factories can produce one pair of jeans in just 15 minutes.

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“This collaboration shares our combined passion for authentic denim, craftsmanship, quality materials and design detail,” Denham said. “It’s a local product supporting local heroes in this time of pandemic.”

Local production has become a necessity in current times, as global supply chains were severely interrupted during the pandemic. Now more than ever, consumers are noticing and appreciating companies that team up with partners closer to home and engage in slower, more mindful production, as Covid helped expose the environmental impact of everyday life.

Denham’s focus on sustainability is rooted in its DNA, as slow fashion and a commitment to quality are inherently sustainable. It was also the first brand to partner with Candiani on biodegradable stretch denim, an industry first that was later adopted by brands like Stella McCartney, Triarchy and Kings of Indigo. The product features patented Coreva Stretch Technology made from organic cotton wrapped around a natural rubber core. It hit the market in November 2019 with a collection called “Life is Movement.”

The Denham x Grivec Brothers collection is now available in-store and online.