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Jeanologia Increases Transparency with The Zero Discharge Production Center

Jeanologia, the Spanish specialist in sustainable technologies for garment finishing, will give a special presentation at ITMA Milan (Nov. 12-19) of The Zero Discharge Production Center. The center is the denim industry’s first finishing plant that incorporates ZERO Ø, Jeanologia’s system that recycles 100 percent of the water use and eliminates the use of pumice stone

The center achieves zero waste by combining three of Jeanologia’s technologies: the light of laser, wet and dry Ozone G2 and the nano bubbles of the reactor eFlow. In total, the combination cuts water consumption and the use of chemicals by 90 percent and energy consumption by 50 percent.


Jeanologia CEO Enrique Silla said the introduction of the plant represents a “revolution in the textile industry.”

The company aims to have 80 percent of global denim production generated by zero discharge centers. It is now making advances in the optimization of production processes and in the adaptation to large and smaller scale production.