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Jeanologia Aims for Faster Laser Design

Jeanologia’s newest innovation was developed with speed and production designers in mind. The new eMark 3.0 software, designed for fast apparel laser design, features a turbo mode capable of increasing productivity by 30 percent.

Through eMark 3.0, designers have access to eMark Light tools which provide energy efficient, eco-friendly design solutions, including the Light Ripper tool to create different types of damaged and heavily worn-in looks, and the Light Scraper to achieve authentic virtual slubs on standard denim fabric. The Light Scraper can be used to create the appearance of open end denim, ring spun denim, crosshatch or slub, ultimately replacing hazardous hand sanding processes.

The tool kit also includes Jeanologia’s Light PP Spray which safely replaces potassium permanganate spray without compromising the jean’s final look.

Additionally, eMark 3.0 software users will have access to exclusive laser designs. The software contains a large laser design gallery which Jeanolgoia’s “brainbox team” updates every season with new trendy laser design available exclusively to eMark 3.0 users.