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UK Brand Claims Its Jeans Will Last a Half Century

Thanks to Japanese selvedge denim and fiber reportedly stronger than cable steel, Half Century Jeans says its denim will last as long as its name suggests.

The sustainable fashion brand by U.K.-based designer Tom Cridland launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to help scale the durable denim line with a 50-year guarantee for both men and women. Backers of the campaign get a discount on the jeans, which are scheduled to ship May 31.

Half Century Jeans are built with a hybrid of long-lasting materials, spanning organic cotton Japanese selvedge denim, to Spectra fiber. The durable fiber, routinely used to produce ropes for extreme sports and make ballistic resistant vests, is said to be 15-times stronger than steel.

Additional features include double reinforced belt loops, a triple reinforced crotch seam and a 100 percent Italian leather brand patch.

“As consumers, we need to buy less and buy better, and to stop subscribing to the ‘fast fashion’ mentality that has become so prevalent,” the company wrote on Kickstarter. “Half Century Jeans are deeply personal. Unlike mass produced jeans that come with faux fading or holes, they are built to last your whole life and to look better with every day of further use.”

The straight leg jeans are designed to look better with every wear. However, each pair is backed with a 50 Year Guarantee, meaning Tom Cridland will repair or replace the jean free of charge for five decades. Returned jeans will be repaired to sell second-hand, or recycled.

Tom Cridland is known for making long-term promises. The brand introduced the 30 Year Sweatshirt in 2015 and has expanded the concept with T-shirts, jackets and button-down shirts. Each item is backed with the company’s signature 30 Year Guarantee.

Durable denim has been picking up traction of late. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Cordura partnered with Artistic Milliners for a lifestyle collection of durable jeans. Cordura denim is at least four times more resistant than traditional 100 percent cotton denim fabric. The strong fiber showed its softer side with a second collection that featured Tencel blends.