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Jeans Couture Combines East with West

From the city of Dubai, the new fashion label Jeans Couture unites aesthetics from Asia, Europe and America, thanks to a little help from denim.

“Europeans and Americans like jeans more than Arabs. Because there they like to wear something different,” said Suzan Farhoud, Jeans Couture founder and creative director. After showing her second collection during Arab Fashion week for Spring ’17 with her creative partner, and daughter, Leen Al-Shieshakly, Farhoud is challenging the Dubai fashion set to rethink denim.

Farhoud comes from two different worlds. Of both German and Arab descent, her collections reflect this fusion of cultures. This union is abundantly clear in the duo’s first collection “Synergy” with denim tops and bottoms ornately detailed with what Farhoud calls oriental detailing. Think: Alessandro Michele’s Gucci but rather than puckish baroque embroidery (distinctly European in style) Jeans Couture features jackets with velvet peacock embroidery reminiscent Abbasid porcelain, jeans with vibrant tassel detailing like the edge of a Persian rug or golden thread shaped into Arabic symbols on a black denim jacket.

Farhoud decorates denim jackets, skirts and jeans with highly intricate styling, remaining true to the label’s name. “There should be little differences,” Farhoud said about each garment. “We are thinking about doing ready-to-wear at some point, but for now each piece is individual.”

For Jeans Couture’s second collection “Out of The Garden” the emphasis on denim remains. This time with springtime florals throughout and bright shades of yellow and gold detailing the garments; like the first look from the runway which includes a medium wash denim jacket accented with a satin yellow cape that falls right above the knees.

The brand’s denim is currently sourced from Germany, but right now in the labels early stages all the production is limited to samples and individual requests for couture items. What seems to distinguish the brand is the artisanal detailing. The designers treat fashion like art.

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“Here in the Arab world people are more into labels,” said Al-Shieshakly. “If it’s a Gucci or Chanel or Prada they buy it whether they like it or not. But when we go outside to Europe or America they’re more focused on what’s nicer for you, what goes on your body, what’s different.”

Farhoud says to expect something different for Jeans Couture’s third collection. “Each season I have different inspiration, I start with a different concept. But for the third one, I will not tell you,” she said laughing. “It will be a surprise.”