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Jeff Yokoyama Deconstructs Levi’s in New Collection

Levi’s Eureka Lab is cooking up another innovative denim collaboration, this time with streetwear pioneer Jeffrey “Yoki” Yokoyama.

Revealed on the brand’s Unzipped blog, Yokoyama discusses the art of crafting denim he calls mottainai, a Japanese phrase meaning “to use the whole fish.”

With this metaphor for sustainability and re-use in mind, Yokoyama, owner of Yokishop, a boutique in Newport Beach, Cali., crafted repurposed pairs of Levi’s using salvaged denim pieces.

Using “the whole fish,” Yokoyama mixed pockets, rivets and stitches from vintage 501 jeans. The final result was a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship that features an upside down back pocket and contrasting light and dark wash denim.

“Eureka embodies old meets new. It is science and it’s tradition. It’s artisan craftsmanship and then it’s absolutely cutting edge technology and cutting edge chemistry,” said Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s SVP of global design, in an interview with Hypebeast. “We’ve always got one foot planted in our history and we’re using that foot to push off into the future.”