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JUST.US Crowdfunds for an Athleisure Jean

Among the many crowdfunded raw denim brands, Sebastiaan van Engelenburg is taking a different tack as he looks for support for an athleisure jean. He is funding the first run of jeans with a Kickstarter that launched Friday.

The jeans are designed to be a balance between style, comfort and function, represented by the slogan, “We live, work, play and travel in our jeans.”

The brand is working with Isko fabrics, with finishes developed at Blue Lab in Amsterdam, and the final manufacturing done at Merkoteks in Turkey. The brand is using Isko XP power stretch denim that is treated to be water and dirt repellent. The finish is composed of hydrocarbon chains that cover the garment, reducing surface tension while retaining breathability.

During the construction, starch is applied to strengthen the warp, then the jeans are rinsed with softening agent to improve the hand feel.

The pants are available in a single fit called urban athletic, with a medium-high waist, a loose seat and thigh, and slim from the knee down.

JUST.US will start production immediately after successfully funding the brand’s Kickstarter campaign and will deliver in early September.

Supporters who donate at least €79 will receive a pair of JUST.US jeans with free shipping.