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Justin Bieber’s New Line Debuts With a Heavy Dose of Corduroy

Justin Bieber is known throughout the world for being a pop star that rose to fame in the late aughts—with the founding of his new sold-out clothing line, the House of Drew, he may become known throughout the fashion world for something very different.

Bieber’s line has been polarizing to say the least. Many serious critics cite the collection’s lack of color and creativity as reasons to ignore it. They were, of course, completely ignored by the legion of Bieber fans who rushed to purchase every last item in the opening capsule, rendering the brand’s website as a scrapbook of what once was, rather than a place to buy presently available products.

The label’s name, House of Drew, as co-founder Ryan Good told GQ, is a direct dig at high-end fashion houses— although “Drew” is borrowed from Bieber’s middle name. Certainly, the label is much more Kanye West’s Yeezy than it is Dior or Chanel. Muted earth tones dominate, manifesting as more of a rule than a theme, and the House of Drew logo is a smiley face with the words “Drew” in place of a mouth.

Bieber, himself, has been teasing the collection on social media for some time. Perhaps the most popular item from the capsule was a pair of slippers emblazoned with the House of Drew logo, a reference to Bieber’s habit of wearing complementary hotel slippers outside.

On Christmas day, Bieber teased the slippers on Instagram and by the time February rolled around they were already sold out indefinitely.

The rest of the line consists of a two-part capsule. The first part is all corduroy, with pants, shorts, a hoodie and a button-down shirt available. Each piece is branded with the House of Drew logo and is composed of 97 percent cotton and 3 percent elastane for elasticated waists. All items are unisex and the brand suggests getting a size up for a relaxed fit.

The other part of the capsule is on the more traditional side, composed of tees, hoodies, long sleeves and a turtle neck the brand says is “what a young Steve Jobs might have worn,” adding that it’s great for family pictures and recommending consumers purchase one for their dad. This side of the capsule is all 100 percent heavyweight cotton jersey.

According to the brand’s website, each item is also produced “ethically” and in limited quantities in Los Angeles, where goods are garment washed and dyed to give individuality to each item.