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Karl Mayer’s Denim Business Takes Off with Advanced Dyeing Machines

While consumers continue to snap up denim, Karl Mayer is advancing the sector with its innovative slasher and rope dyeing machines.

Karl Mayer Rotal, the textile machinery company’s denim sector Center of Excellence, offers two indigo dyeing machines: the Prodye-S and the Prodye-R. Both machines produce less waste, consume less water and allow for brighter, deeper indigo shades than conventional indigo dyeing machines.

Prodye-S (slasher dyeing) is an innovative dyeing process that involves yarn wound onto warp beams. The proportion of dyestuff is 5.5% maximum out of the total yarn weight, enabling Prodye-S to double its production rate when processing lightweight denim. Prodye-R (rope dyeing), which operates with eight dyeing units, produces deep, pure shades with a dye application of up to 5.5% of the yarn weight. Prodye-R reduces costs in rope dyeing by reducing bath volume up to 25 percent and minimizing water consumption by almost 30 percent.

Additional features of the Prodye-S and the Prodye-R include a Double Vario dyebath, which provides efficient dye liquor circulation for uniform dyeing and a Quick Oxidation zone that guarantees uniform dye uptake with temperature-controlled air flow. What’s more, rejects are also minimized and the color tone of the warp yarn sheet remains uniform, enabling denim producers to yield potential-cost saving measures throughout the denim dyeing process.

According to Karl Mayer, the global denim market has increased its use of the indigo dyeing machines and leading denim countries, including Turkey and Mexico, have placed follow-up orders for this year.

While Turkish and Mexican denim producers are buying more Prodye-S machines, Turkish denim producers have also contributed to the growth of Prodye-R machines in the nation—with major Turkish companies, including Taypa, using the Prodye-R machines after they were introduced last May. Other countries, including Iran, have also expressed interest in both indigo dyeing machines to ramp up their denim production capabilities.

Karl Mayer Rotal will showcase both dyeing machines at the ITM International Textile Machinery Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, which will take place from April 14-17.