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This Shaq-Approved Jeans Brand Just Launched a Kickstarter Campaign

If the denim industry’s post-pandemic predictions come true, more consumers will begin to look closer to home for quality, tailor-made goods instead of fast fashion. It’s a forecast that would bode well for Red Cotton Denim, a “Made in USA” denim brand founded by U.S. Navy veteran Camillo Love.

Love, who launched Red Cotton Denim in 2014, recently began a Kickstarter campaign to expand his jeans customization program to online consumers.

Through 3D animation and “video morphing” with instructions, consumers can take their measurements and order custom-made jeans through Red Cotton Denim’s online portal. The men’s jeans are made with 12-ounce black or indigo Cone Denim fabric and are offered in straight leg or tapered cuts.

“Red Cotton Denim is building a technology that creates a personalized, user-friendly online shopping experience for custom-fit jeans,” Love said. “The fashion industry mass produces clothing, using a standardized sizing system to provide an adequate fit for most people. This method results in not only poor-fitting clothing but tremendous waste and harm in the process.”

The brand already produces custom jeans for a select number of clients, including NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

U.S.-based Red Cotton Denim recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand its jeans customization program to online consumers.
Shaquille O’Neal and Camillo Love

Each garment, however, is currently hand sewn only by Love. Red Cotton Denim aims to raise $25,000 through the crowdfunding campaign, which would allow the company to hire more employees to expand capacity and support more custom orders. Red Cotton Denim works with Ready One Industries, an organization in El Paso, Texas, that provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

“This will help me reach not only my dream of custom-made jeans but also my heartfelt commitment to nurturing self-determination and success in individuals with disabilities,” Love said.

Red Cotton Denim also offers ready-made jeans for $125. Jeans are sold through Red Cotton Denim’s direct-to-consumer, which the company said eliminates 60 percent of the average retail mark-p, “giving the customer a handcrafted pair of jeans at an affordable price.”