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Kingpins Transformers Takes on Industry Waste

Let’s talk about garbage—that’s the plan Kingpins Transformers has for the next edition of its conference series focusing on the environmental and social challenges the denim industry encounters.

The seminar titled “Garbage: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” is set to take place in Amsterdam on April 12, one day prior to the start of Kingpins Amsterdam.

Along with addressing challenges, panelists will discuss solutions and present short, 10-minute presentations on the current state of industrial waste in their areas of expertise, spanning fiber and accessories to apparel production and retail.

Expert panelists include: Kingpins Founder Andrew Olah; Keynote speaker and trend forcaster Haysun Hahn; Robert Antoshak of Olah Inc. (cotton waste); Michael Kininmonth of Lenzing (man-made cellulose waste); Terry Townsend of Cotton Analytics (polyester waste); Miguel Sanchez of Archroma (chemical waste); Dr. Sedef Uncu Aki of Bossa Denim (denim fabric production waste); Marco Corti of Prym (hardware waste); Omer Ahmed of Artistic Milliners (garment factory waste); Paul Dietzsch Doertenbach of I:Collect GmbH (retail waste).

A candid and open conversation of the efforts, challenges and solutions will follow the presentations.