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Kingpins Transformers and ZDHC Combine Efforts to Clean Up Denim

Kingpins Transformers and ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap-to-Zero Program announced a collaboration to drive more sustainable chemistry and to accelerate innovations to improve environmental performance for the denim industry.
This new partnership will pair Kingpins Transformers’ spirit with ZDHC’s mission to advance the textile, leather and footwear industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals and places its focus on the specific needs of the denim value chain. The Roadmap-to-Zero Program aims to eliminate the use of priority chemicals by focusing on the Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) and conformity guidance, wastewater quality, audit protocol, research, data and disclosure and training.

Leading the initiative are two founding members and key contributors of Kingpins Transformers, Garmon Chemicals CMO Alberto De Conti and Miguel Sanchez, Archroma head global business development—denim and casualwear.
Kingpins Transformers Founder Andrew Olah described De Conti and Sanchez as “vital voices and minds” in the denim industry. He added, “We will rely upon them to help reach the goal of establishing industry standards for the denim supply chain. All of us believe in the need to establish unified industry standards—such as ZDHC’s MRSL and Wastewater Guidelines and we will all work diligently to create that as the international standard.”

Kingpins Transformers, the bi-annual summit series, as been advocate for collaboration and innovation in the jeans industry to make it more environmentally viable, socially responsible and financially sound. Previous events have encouraged collaborative efforts to save water, reduce waste and streamline the denim industry’s chemical usage.

The next Kingpins Transformer takes place in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Oct. 24. The seminar will spotlight women in the denim industry.