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Kingpins Trend Report: Northern Sport

The Rivet 50 is calling for nominations for leaders in the denim industry in 5 categories: design, influencer, leadership, sustainability and supply chain. Nominations close on May 23.

Itching for a fight. Driven by an emerging new breed of subversive, ironic labels, the post-normcore generation are homing in on an anti-fashion, working-class aesthetic.

Kingpins Trend Report: Northern Sport

Kingpins Trend Report: Northern Sport
Courtesy of Kingpins Show;
Photographer: Team Peter Stigter

Jaded and prone to code-switching among genres and subcultures, today’s youth pick and choose from skate, soccer, punk and indie references without loyalty to authenticity or lifestyle.

Kingpins Trend Report: Northern Sport
Marlen Stahlhuth

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