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Labor Unions Call for Ethical Treatment of Garment Workers in Bangladesh

When it’s deliver-or-die, supply chains become the lifeblood of a company. To that end, the fashion industry has embraced technology to navigate today’s hyper-complicated supply chain, with myriad solutions shaping the first, middle and last mile. Call it Sourcing 2.0.

The embattled Bangladeshi garment industry is under fire again.

This time, its human rights charges after protests over the minimum wage last month led to more than 1,600 workers losing their jobs, the detainment of at least 11 garment union leaders and charges against 600 more.

Last month, workers in the Ashulia district of Dhaka went on strike, demanding an increase in the minimum wage from $68 to $190 per month. An increase they say they’re due because they’ve only received two increases in a decade while inflation has increased by 10 percent per year.

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