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Lacoste and J. Crew Unveil Exclusive Polo Shirt Collection

Lacoste and J. Crew are crossing paths. The preppy labels are teaming up for a Spring ’15 range of exclusive Lacoste polo shirts for men, women and children available on

The collaboration, which includes polos in navy, white, burgundy and orange, is part of J. Crew’s “Discovered” seasonal assortment. Shirts retail for $55-$98.

The chosen style features a 1983 version of Lacoste’s iconic crocodile logo in blue, which J. Crew head of men’s design Frank Muytjen — who spearheaded the project with J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons — described as a “nice throwback.” Traditionally, the Lacoste logo is in green.

Muytjen said, “I’ve always loved the rich history of Lacoste, and I especially love wearing my vintage Lacoste polos, the softer the better.”

Crewcuts head of design Jenny Cooper added, “Lacoste is just such a classic  — The fabric is so well made it just gets better with age. I had a Lacoste shirt that I wore for almost 10 years, beginning when it was swimming on me as a girl to when I had completely grown out of it. We love the history and timelessness.”