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Lacoste x Peanuts Collection Lands in Stores

Lacoste is adding character to a range of pique polos and fleece sweatshirts. The company teamed up with the beloved Peanuts gang for a limited-edition collection to celebrate its 65th anniversary and to mark the release of the 3D wide release animation “The Peanuts Movie.”

The collection, available now in Lacoste boutiques in the US and online for men, women and children, features embroidered images of Snoopy fishing, Charlie Brown golfing, Lucy playing tennis and Linus playing a game of tug-of-war. Lacoste’s famed crocodile makes a cameo appearance in each design. Hayato Kohama, director of Special Product Design Inc. and creative advisor and overall coordinator for the Peanuts line, said, “The Lacoste crocodile would fit right in with the Peanuts gang.”

Colors span a classic Lacoste color palette of white, navy, grey and black for adults. Kids’ styles are available in white, pink, gray and navy. The line retails for $85-$145.