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Sustainability is very clearly becoming the new black when it comes to fashion, and innovators in the denim space are each playing their role to lower the favored fabric’s impact on the environment.

That’s the very mission that brought The Sustainable Angle about. The U.K.-based not for profit organization starts and supports projects that contribute to cutting back on the apparel industry’s impact on the environment and the people that live within it. They also work to make sure companies can’t claim to avoid sustainability because they didn’t know how to address it—The Sustainable Angle helps companies make better decisions by showing them what else is available out there that’s going to be better for the environment.

For Nina Marenzi, director and founder of The Sustainable Angle, leading that change seems to come as second nature, as her passion for uncovering less impactful options is evident in everything she does.

Carved in Blue spent some time talking to Nina to find out more about The Sustainable Angle’s mission and what a more eco-friendly denim sector could look like.

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