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Now You Can Listen to Levi’s Fans’ Denim Stories Online

Every jean has a story, and a new virtual archive set up by Levi’s is amplifying those tales.

A new initiative by The Vault Museum at Levi’s Plaza located at the company’s San Francisco headquarters is bringing the stories shared by visitors to the museum in a new digital platform.

In November 2018, Levi’s launched the “Tell Us Your Levi’s Story” station at the museum, inviting visitors in the kiosk to listen to others’ jeans stories or record their own experience with Levi’s. The audio files are usually sent to the museum staff for review, however, a new web-based story platform by startup Enwoven now allows Levi’s fans from around the world to listen to the stories.

Users can select stories by choosing a photo from the content section, or by selecting a region on an interactive map.

Stories are told by rock stylist Phyllis Leibowitz, who shares her memories of outfitting bands like Def Leppard and Metallic, vintage denim seller Rabia Sheikh, artist Serge Gay Jr., who describes how his protest jacket came to be, and many more.

The platform also allows users to record their own Levi’s story.

To date, the Levi’s “Tell Us Your Levi’s Story” project has collected close to 150 stories. Each story becomes a permanent part of the Levi Strauss & Co. archives, which includes preserved workwear denim from the 1800s, jeans owned by Steve Jobs and a leather jacket owned by Albert Einstein, which the brand recreated in 2019.