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Levi’s & Amazon Foster Meaningful Brand Connections That Win at Retail

Many clothing brands, including Levi’s and Nike, are successfully capitalizing on consumers’ emotions.

MBLM, brand management agency, released a report about the top companies as ranked by brand intimacy. For apparel and retail, companies that successfully executed brand intimacy were those that created desire and implemented a seamless omni-channel platform. They’re able to fortify the emotional bonds between consumers and and their brands.

MBLM evaluates the type of emotional connection by looking at various metrics, including to what degree the brand fulfills expectations, reflects an aspirational image, is ingrained in users’ everyday lives and triggers nostalgia. The level of intimacy looks at how deep or shallow the connection is. From this, MBLM provides each brand with an intimacy quotient score from 1-100 based on the percentage of intimate users and intensity of the relationship.

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