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Levi’s and Bape Debut Convertible Trucker Jackets

Streetwear and heritage denim literally intersect in the form of a new drop from Levi’s and Bape.

The capsule collection consists of three pieces that can become five thanks to a creative design and strategically placed zippers. It centers on Levi’s Type III Trucker Jacket—which originally debuted in 1967—reimagined to include a zipper running down the center of the back.

This marks the first release of the collaboration, which will be available exclusively at Sole DXB in Dubai from Dec. 5-7—and the collection subtly pays homage to the region.

The style is available in two variations: a 12-oz. indigo denim with Levi’s logos placed in the pattern of Bape’s signature camo print, and a 13-oz. black twill jacket lined with camo print in black, white, red and green—the colors of the United Arab Emirates’ flag. The collection also features a tan T-shirt with both brands’ logos on the left breast.

“We’re excited about this one. First, to do something with Bape, and second, to do something that’s so fun,” Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s senior vice president of design innovation told Esquire. “When doing collaborations, we always want to do something special. Something that gives you the kind of buzz that you feel in your stomach. It’s always a good sign when ideas come easy. As soon as we connected, we knew what we wanted to do—the split-camo trucker. We just can’t wait to see people putting together all the combinations.”

The partnership was first announced in November, when the brands teased an ongoing collaboration that will continue to surprise streetwear and Levi’s fanatics alike. The creative construction of the jackets in the initial drop hint that there will be similar silhouettes on the way, as Sole DXB noted on its Instagram page that the garment “can be zipped apart and zipped onto any other jacket in the collection.”