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Levi’s Flips the Script With Inside-Out BEAMS Collab

Even the most dedicated fashionistas have had the embarrassing realization that they went through a full day with a piece of clothing on inside out or backward. The newest collaboration from Levi’s reclaims those feelings of shame with a collection that flips the classic denim brand on its head in its truest sense.

Levi’s has partnered with Japanese company BEAMS on The Inside Out Collection. The new capsule styles classic Levi’s pieces like a Trucker jacket, T-shirt, 501 jeans and a specialty kimono-style jacket, to look inverted.

Everything in the collection is reversed, including the Levi’s red tab and text on the leather back patches. Reversed “guarantee” stamps (usually found inside the garment), exposed stitching and external seams complete the effect. Even the jean and shirt pockets get the inside-out treatment. Rivets and buttons appear to be the only feature that stays “right side out,” out of functional necessity.

The denim kimono isn’t a typical offering from Levi’s—it’s a clever homage to BEAMS’ Japanese heritage and construction. The classic Levi’s T-shirt gets a BEAMS co-brand, too, putting the logos next to each other and, of course, mirrored.

Jonathan Cheung, senior vice president of global design at Levi’s, said the collaboration with BEAMS came from the desire to do “something different.” Cheung characterized the collection as recognizable, but still unusual, touching on its slightly uncanny appearance. He called the resulting capsule “beautiful” and “unusual.” The collection is the first between the two companies, and the first of its kind on the market. Cheung predicted it will perform particularly well with denim collectors, but added that the iconic Levi’s imagery is recognizable the world over.

The collection ranges in price, between $44 and $295, and will be available from BEAMS’ site and Japanese outposts starting April 26.