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Levi’s Taps Actors and Activists for ‘Beauty of Becoming’ Campaign

Levi’s is putting a spotlight on influential creatives in its latest campaign documenting the “beauty of becoming.” The five-month project taps a series of 15 artists, actors and change makers to star in dedicated videos highlighting their “paths to greatness” and self-discovery.

The campaign centers on themes such as racial, gender, and sexual equality, climate action, and empowering people with disabilities. In the videos, each person is asked to share a piece of advice they’d give their 14-year-old selves, in an effort to celebrate how far they’ve come and how they got there.

To bring the project to life, the heritage denim brand worked with Oge Egbuonu, a filmmaker who first worked with Levi’s on its vote campaign public service announcement. According to Egbuonu, the unprecedented events of 2020 served as a muse for the collaboration.

“I took inspiration for this collaboration from the many people I’ve spoken to over the last few months who were searching for ways to become more of themselves during this transformative moment in history,” Egbuonu said. “I realized no one is born a hero. Nor are they born a great artist, activist, or civil rights pioneer. Everyone, no matter their background, must evolve through a process of becoming. Of realizing through time and experience the full potential of who they are and what they can achieve. And it’s this narrative that serves as the common thread throughout.”

The campaign kicks off with a focus on Black history and features tennis champion and social equality activist Naomi Osaka, Denim Tears’ founder Tremaine Emory, human rights lawyer Haben Girma, and professor and co-founder of the L.A. Black Lives Matter organization Melina Abdullah. Each film is accompanied by still photography by Shaniqwa Jarvis, the photographer, artist, and co-creator of experiential retail popup Social Studies.

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In March, the campaign will focus on women’s history and feature United Farm Workers’ co-founder Dolores Huerta, streetwear designer Melody Ehsani, and musician and model Willow Smith.

Environmental justice is another theme within the campaign, which will be discussed by activist and actor Jaden Smith, Global Climate Strikes organizer Xiye Bastida and Karla Welch, stylist, Levi’s collaborator and founder of the period underwear brand, The Period Company.

Longtime activist and Brown Berets co-founder Carlos Montes will speak about immigrant rights, and actor and songwriter Angela Beyince will discuss authenticity and self-preservation as a form of activism.

The campaign ends in June for Pride Month on a theme of supporting the LGBTQI+ community. It will feature Egbuonu, as well as actor Brandon Flynn and Leyna Bloom, the first openly transgender woman to feature in the pages of Vogue India.

“This year we wanted to celebrate stories of triumph and achievement,” said Jennifer Sey, Levi’s brand president. “With ‘Beauty of Becoming,’ Oge has created a film that both inspires and motivates, by challenging us all to be our most authentic selves. While it’s not always easy, when we use our voices, we can drive positive change.”