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Levi’s Celebrates 501 Day with Limited Edition Denim

This year marks the 144th anniversary of Levi’s 501 jean, and to mark the milestone, Levi’s urges all to celebrate 501 Day on May 20, exactly 144 years to the day that Levi’s created the jean.

In honor of the 501’s birthday, Levi’s released a limited-edition 501 Day celebration collection. The collection offers three rock ‘n’ roll themed pieces inspired by the denim world’s ties to music. The items include a pair of jeans, shorts and a vest, all distressed and worn-in for a vintage look.

“We took a pair of old 501’s, battered and worn, graffiti’d them all over and plastered them up with hand embroideries and patches. I thought ‘they’re so complicated, we’re never going to reproduce these’- but we did!” said Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s head of design.

The Levi’s team traveled to some of the top music cities in the U.S. to gain inspiration and insight into the music world, stopping in Nashville, San Francisco and New York City. As an homage to each leg of the tour, Levi’s added city-themed patches to the garments, like a Golden Gate Bridge for San Francisco, Folk City for New York and Music Row for Nashville.

Levi’s also debuted a new style of the 501 Jean for both men and women this spring, the 501 Skinny, available in non-stretch and low-stretch.

501 Day celebrations will take place across the globe, including concerts and a new episode of the 501 Documentary Series that debuts on May 20.