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Levi’s CEO Pens Letter Criticizing Trump on Paris Accord

Levi Strauss & Co. CEO, Chip Bergh, continues the fight for sustainability, this time in a letter he posted to LinkedIn last week criticizing President Trump’s backing out of the Paris Accord.

In the article Bergh reiterated his and the company’s support of sustainable practices and its long-term goals.

“The Administration’s decision to back out of the Paris Accord will not change Levi Strauss & Co.’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment; and we will continue to pursue technologies that can reduce the apparel industry’s environmental impact,” wrote Bergh.

Levi’s has been vocal about its sustainability efforts like the company’s development and investment in water-saving techniques within the denim industry.

“At LS&Co., we’re committed to reducing our emissions by 25 percent and using 20 percent renewable energy by 2020,” he wrote. “We’re also working to significantly decrease our water footprint by increasing the percentage of our products made with our water-saving Water<Less finishing techniques to 80 percent by 2020; and migrating to 100 percent sustainable cotton by 2020.”

Bergh’s post garnered more than 220 comments.