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Levi’s Chip Bergh Named ‘Most Admired’ CEO

The San Francisco Business Times recently named Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh one of the Bay Area’s ‘Most Admired’ CEO’s. As a San Francisco-based brand, Levi’s plays a key role in the area’s economy.

The news only bolsters the brand’s already positive buzz, coming off of testing a new ‘shop now’ feature on Instagram and successful partnership with brand Off White.

Prior to Bergh’s position with Levi’s, he held a position with Procter and Gamble for over 20 years.

Now, after bringing the company back from decline, Bergh modestly told the Times of his decision to join Levi’s team.

“I started doing some homework on the company and long story short, the circle didn’t really square for me,” he said. “Here you have these amazing brands, but a company that was just under-performing.”

After five years of diligent work to turn around Levi’s economic issues, Levi’s finally saw an increase in revenue and profit. The company boasts three consecutive years of growth, many believe due to Bergh’s leadership.

With his current position, Bergh invested in technology and innovation by investing in the Eureka Innovation Lab, which debuted in 2013, as well as the brand’s partnership with the San Francisco 49ers.