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Levi’s Debuts 501 Stretch Jeans for Men

With stretch having all but taken over the men’s denim market during the last couple of years, there’s been one notable holdout—Levi’s iconic 501 jean.

But that’s all about to change with the announcement that the San Francisco-based company is introducing stretch to its signature 501 men’s jean, as well as to the slimmer 501 CT silhouette.

The Levi’s design team worked with fabric developers and mills to develop a 501 proprietary fabric that has all the properties of the company’s original shrink-to-fit fabric, but with stretch, ranging from 12.5-17 percent stretch.

Customarily, stretch fabrics cannot replicate the same look of its all-cotton counterpart, but Levi’s finish technicians created an authentic worn-in finish, available from dark to lighter finishes.

The collection, available now, can be found on Levi’s website.