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Levi’s Debuts an Updated 505 Jean

Levi’s is releasing an updated version of the 505 jean, the chosen style of the ’70s punk scene. The 505C is a modernized slim fit, remastering an iconic style.

The 505 was originally born from New Yorkers’ desire to follow European style trends and wear a more modern zip fly, as opposed to the button fly of the 501. The 505, a classic straight leg in rigid denim with a zipper, is the updated version of the original Levi’s jean.

The 505 gained a reputation as a symbol of the ‘70s music scene as it showed up on the likes of Debbie Harry and the Ramones. Most notably, the 505 is the jean worn on the cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” album.

Photo: Roberta Bayley

Levi’s Chief Product Officer Karyn Hillman noted that it is an especially good time to launch the 505C as people are buying the 505 vintage more and more. She added that women in particular have been responding to the style, since it has a zipper, which creates a flatter front, and also because the fit creates an inverted heart effect on the butt of the jeans.

Hillman said, “The 505 was a symbol of counter-culture. It rose to fame during an era of unrivaled creativity in art and music. We’re excited to introduce a modern and slimmer take on this classic. It’s equally and subversively sexy on both men and women.”