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Levi’s Reusable Face Masks Are a Nod to the Brand’s Heritage

Like a number of denim brands at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Levi’s quickly shifted its production from clothing to face masks earlier this year. It also committed $3 million to COVID-19 relief—and it’s continuing those efforts with a new sizable donation to Doctors Without Borders.

As part of its initial donation, the denim brand contributed $150,000 to the nonprofit. It is now donating an additional $75,000 to Doctors Without Borders to help source masks needed to deliver emergency medical care in response to the coronavirus.

Separately, the company produced non-medical face masks after working with medical device experts to learn how they could be designed for optimal air flow and comfort. Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi Strauss & Co., says the resulting product was both comfortable and an authentic representation of the heritage denim brand.

“Wearing a mask demonstrates support and care for your community, and may have to be a part of our lives for a while. We wanted to design a simple, versatile solution–easy to wear, with an authentic Levi’s look and feel,” Dillinger said.

The reversible face mask comes in Levi’s bandana prints–a nod to the brand’s Western roots–and is available in red, navy, aqua and mauve. The opposite side is a solid color with the brand’s signature red tab at the seam to indicate which side is up. Masks feature elastic ear loops and come in sizes small and large, and are sold in a set of three for $15 on the Levi’s website.

The brand will also distribute non-medical disposable masks to all retail and distribution center employees around the world.