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Levi’s Enhances Customization Experience with New In-Store App

Levi’s is fine-tuning the way customers can customize their jeans.

The brand released a new app at select Levi’s Tailor Shops that streamlines the way consumers can personalize their Levi’s jeans, jackets and tees. The app is designed to create a seamless online and in-store experience and provide consumers a starting point for their one-of-a-kind designs.

Shoppers in the designated stores can view a menu of services with prices spanning embroidery, monogramming and distressing, to paneling, repairs and more. They can also scroll through a new inspiration section that allows them to see products customized at Tailor Shops from around the world.

“We were finding that a lot of our tailors were using sketchpads, the backs of napkins, their own iPhones or iPads to show off their work, so we wanted to create a place where we could aggregate all their designs,” said Lance Relicke, Levi’s vice president of Global Brand Environment, on the brand’s website.

Similar to photo-sharing apps, Relicke said the inspiration section creates a “sense of community for our tailors as well as just people sharing designs and being proud of what they’ve done.”

And Levi’s believes it can become a helpful tool for its sales staff.

“It’s useful for stylists in terms of not just educating consumers but also educating themselves around what the Tailor Shop is, how it works and how they can be thinking about incorporating it more holistically into their approach when they’re working with our consumers,” said Margaret Greenberg, manager of direct-to-consumer strategy for LS&Co. brands.

“The conversation then becomes ‘I understand all the fits that we have and all the finishes and I can help you outfit yourself head to toe, including adding on that customization element,’” Greenberg added.

Levi’s was an early player in in-store customization when it introduced the Tailor Shop concept in 2015. At Shoptalk in Las Vegas earlier this year, the brand teased plans to add laser to its menu of customization capabilities.