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Facebook Users Really Like Levi’s

With nearly 1.3 billion users on Facebook daily, the social media site continues to be a place for brands to mingle with consumers, and Levi’s did it the best in February, generating 98,349 new likes.

Fashion social media analytics company, Stylophane, ranked the top 100 fastest growing denim brands on Facebook during the month of February 2017.

Levi’s nabbed the top honors with posts about customization at its Eureka Innovation Lab, festival season essentials and videos showcasing skate jeans made with Cordura fiber.

Levi’s was followed by Diesel (31,178 new likes), Guess (28,905 new likes), Pepe Jeans (9,396 likes) and Nudie Jeans (8,464 likes).

G-Star, Rock Revival, Grace in LA, Raiders Jeans and denim mill Vicunha Textil rounded out the top ten.