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Levi’s and Heron Preston Embrace Flaws in New Collection

Would you pay upwards of $400 for a denim jacket with visible imperfections?

Levi’s second collaboration with San Francisco-based designer Heron Preston challenges that very concept.

The collection, aptly named “Mistakes are OK,” features a series of denim jackets and jeans with intentional errors, including exposed and asymmetrical pocketing, an upside-down coin pocket, mismatched hardware, raw seams, exposed linings and off-register resin prints.

The imperfections tell a story close to the designer’s heart. Though Preston was born in 1983, a clerical error caused his birth certificate to read 1873. And while he’s celebrated the error ever since—one of his tattoos even pays homage to the mistake—the imperfection became even more meaningful when a Levi’s employee pointed out the implications of the year 1873. It’s the same year the first-ever blue jeans were patented.

The serendipitous typo became the inspiration behind the lighthearted collaboration, which Preston and Levi’s chose to center on embracing flaws in a society that often promotes perfection.

At its core, denim is a fabric often celebrated by denim heads for its imperfections in the natural distressing process—unique whiskering and wear marks are what make a used pair of jeans so special to the wearer.

The new collection features a lineup of four men’s and four women’s Levi’s Trucker jackets and Levi’s 501 jeans for men and women in indigo, fuchsia and black. Pieces include Preston’s signature orange tags along with Levi’s red tabs, and the graphic CTNMb (the Russian word for “style”) printed on select styles.

The collection is available beginning Sept. 14 exclusively on the Levi’s app. Retail prices range from $395-$465.