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Levi’s Introduces the 505 C for Fall ’16

The Levi’s 501 jean has become a cultural symbol so iconic that even without the brand name attached people know “501s” in the same they’d know a “Birkin” or “Chucks.” Levi’s is now reintroducing another classic style, an updated version of the 505 jean.

The 505 was born in 1967, coinciding with the Summer of Love and the cultural explosion in California. The jeans hit their peak popularity with the ’70s punk scene, worn by the likes of Debbie Harry and the Ramones.

The bottoms are still one of the most popular fits for men and women, featuring the original zip fly, a straight leg style and rigid denim. For Fall ’16, Levi’s is reinterpreting the style with the 505 C, the “C” standing for customized, as the pants now feature a slim fit.

Karyn Hillman, Levi’s chief product officer, said, “There’s no better time to launch the 505 C. We noticed people are buying the 505 vintage, particularly girls, because the vintage 505 has a zipper, creating a flatter front, and it does that amazing Levi’s inverted heart, perky bum thing that vintage Levi’s do, so we wanted to recreate some of that.”