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Levi’s Rejiggers Leadership Team for a Digital Future

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) is recalibrating its leadership team to better serve the heritage company’s digital and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. The company announced Tuesday a series of leadership and role changes, effective Nov. 1, designed to strengthen the emerging channels and enable the company to respond more quickly and effectively in the marketplace.

The two business segments are helping to offset declines in Levi’s in-store and wholesale sales. Levi’s global digital business, which includes its e-commerce sites, as well as the online business of its pure-play and traditional wholesale customers, comprised nearly a quarter of total Q3 revenues, doubling the company’s digital footprint from the prior year.

“By doubling down on the company’s key growth drivers—the continued strengthening of our greatest asset, the Levi’s brand; leading with DTC and diversifying our business; and fully embracing digital to transform our operations and processes—we are capitalizing on the opportunities created by the global pandemic, which has accelerated changes in consumer behavior and the competitive landscape,” said Chip Bergh, LS&Co. president and CEO.

To build on the existing strength of the Levi’s brand, the company is promoting its chief marketing officer, Jen Sey, to brand president. The Levi’s brand organization will bring together marketing, design, merchandising and brand experience to drive a “center-led vision and execute with a consumer-centric focus globally.”

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Liz O’Neill will become chief operations officer and leverage LS&Co.’s global supply chain by driving digitization, sustainability and agility, including the ongoing rollout of the company’s F.L.X. technology.

Seth Ellison, previously executive vice president and president, Europe, is being promoted to chief commercial officer (CCO), leading the company’s global commercial operations. As CCO, Ellison will adapt the company’s DTC-first mindset for Europe to amplify commercial growth across all channels and markets.

Marc Rosen, executive vice president and president, Americas, is taking on an additional role leading a new Digital Enterprise Office. In this capacity, Rosen will work with technology, business, data and artificial intelligence experts across the company to set the company’s “enterprise-wide” digital plan.

The business leaders will report to Bergh. “With an industry-leading management team, LS&Co. is fortunate to have a group of leaders who have been driving long-term value and are well-positioned to drive this focus for the next chapter of our growth,” he said.