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Levi’s New Campaign Inspires Body Positivity in India

Levi’s India continues the #IShapeMyWorld campaign this fall, highlighting the stories of top-notch women with a number of body types in Levi’s 300 Shaping Series jeans in India.

The campaign first launched on International Women’s Day in March of this year, focusing on eight women to highlight for the international holiday.

Now, the fall campaign includes model-turned-actress Ileana D’Cruz, who admits to struggling with depression and body dysmorphia while in the limelight, among Shakti Mohan who defied the odds and relearned to walk before winning the dance reality show Dance India Dance, actress Bani J and more.

“I was a very self-conscious, shy person once I hit my teens, so I was constantly picked on for my body type,” said D’Cruz in her #IShapeMyWorld video.

The campaign was shot by Kava Gorna, the author of the acclaimed book, 100 Cheeks, which came out last year.