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Levi’s New Pride Collection is Available for Purchase Via Snapchat Filter

Brand collaborations have become decidedly commonplace, but increased cooperation between brands and social sharing platforms is breathing new life into online commerce.

In honor of Pride Month, Levi’s has debuted a new capsule collection. But rather than simply walking into a store to purchase it, shoppers must use a Snapchat filter to “try on” and buy.

To unlock the special Pride Lens feature, Snapchat users can scan a QR code at select U.S. Levi’s stores, or receive a Snapcode from a friend.

Once the feature is enabled, Snapchat’s augmented reality technology allows them to virtually try on a Levi’s trucker jacket. According to a release from Levi’s, Snapchat’s AR “traces the body’s movements to ensure the fit is as accurate as possible.”

The Pride collection includes a jacket in two different washes, which can be customized with six limited-edition pins and patches. Once a user has adorned their piece, they can order through the Snapchat app, and of course, post a photo in their custom creation.

According to Levi’s, the collaboration marks “the first multi-product commerce experience on Snapchat.” The Pride Month jacket will be available through the platform until the end of June.

This isn’t the first time that Levi’s and Snapchat have partnered, however. Last October, the tech platform and heritage denim brand released an exclusive baseball cap to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. Levi’s tweeted a Snapcode that allowed users to access the filter, and then buy the cap for $25 through the platform.

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Constantly connected Gen Z and millennial shoppers are looking to social media not just as a platform for brand discovery, but fulfillment. Now, tech platforms that existed first for social sharing are encroaching on the territory of traditional e-commerce sites.

The quick advancement of Instagram’s multiple shopping features has young consumers hooked, with 38.7 percent of Gen Z online shoppers in the U.K. saying they’ve purchased products through Instagram Shopping. Millennials follow closely behind, with 34.3 percent of respondents saying they’ve bought products through the platform.

Shopping app Depop has become immensely popular with the younger set, serving 13 million users worldwide, all under the age of 26. The platform combines the aesthetic of an Instagram feed with the convenience of shopping on an e-commerce site like eBay.

On the Depop app, users can browse a curated feed of lifestyle shots for the perfect look, all while connecting with friends and other users. Last week, the London-based startup that it had raised $62 million in Series C funding, which it will largely use to fund its expansion into the U.S. market.

The “social shopping” craze shows no signs of slowing, and even behemoths like Amazon must continue to innovate in order to keep pace.

The company’s newest fashion feature, StyleSnap, allows users to upload a real life photo or a social media screenshot of their desired look, and Amazon’s deep learning technology offers up similar items for sale on the site.